Interesting Stories Abroad to Stimulate Your Mind

At AAQ's Independent Writing & Publishing, Aldo creates unique Books on China that let you experience living in another country without spending a chunk of money on traveling.


A problem that readers can experience when choosing a nonfiction book is the massive amounts available on Amazon. Info-dumping causes confusion and fatigue in your brain. Saying "forget this" is easier than searching for an eye-catching book cover to click. Some individuals might argue, "I don't want to read about someone who's worked and lived in China," "Who cares!" or "Not interested." True, but if you're craving stories that are out of the ordinary to stimulate your mind, then you're in the right place.


You don't need to browse on Amazon for unique and authentic nonfiction/memoir titles because two are at your fingertips. These Books on China have interesting facts, strange stories, shocking and giggling moments, plus more. If you're an American, you might realize after reading the books that living in the States isn't so bad after all. Perhaps you'll feel more grateful for the luxuries and conveniences we have too. 


Why not take a chance? Join me for the rides today!

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