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Books & Short Stories on Living Abroad

Living in Bangkok
Living in Shanghai
Living in China

Unconventional Reads to Stimulate Your Mind

At AQ's Solo Writing & Publishing, you'll get authentic books and stories that let you experience living abroad without spending a chunk of money traveling



Short Stories

Short Stories


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Why Books & Short Stories?




A problem readers can experience when choosing a nonfiction book is the massive amounts available on Amazon. Info-dumping causes confusion and decision fatigue in your brain, which is no bueno. Saying, "Forget this," is easier than searching for an eye-catching book cover to click.


Some of you might say, "I don't want to read about someone who's worked and lived abroad," or "Who cares!" or "I'm not interested." True, but if you're craving out-of-the-ordinary stories to stimulate your mind, you're in the right place. Three genuine nonfiction/memoir titles are at your fingertips. These books on living abroad have interesting facts, strange encounters, shocking and giggling moments, and more. 


Now, If you're not sure about these books, no problem! You'll get bits and pieces directly from each one in the short stories section of my website.

Why not take a chance? Join me for the rides today!

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