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Psychedelic Therapy 2

Ketamine Infusion (Anesthesia) medicine

[Ketamine] The Soothing Infusions/Anesthesia Therapy Sessions

September 2023



Ketamine Infusion Session 1

Ketamine Infusion Session 2

Ketamine Infusion Session 3

Ketamine Infusion Session 4

Ketamine Infusion Session 5

Ketamine Infusion Session 6


Final Thoughts

Ketamine infusion treatment


At first, I didn’t know much about intravenous therapy (IV) ketamine infusions other than being utilized as psychedelic therapy to help reduce and treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health issues. Thanks to the Bay Area Ketamine Center in Los Altos, California, they put me up to speed with treatment and protocols after a few phone discussions.

With ketamine infusions, we’re not talking to a therapist or doctor like in traditional therapy. Instead, we’re alone in a room with the lights off and curtains closed while ketamine (infusion/anesthesia) gets injected into an arm vein through a plastic IV tube for 40 minutes. Our heart rates, oxygen levels, and blood pressure are closely monitored by the nurse and licensed doctor in another room, which adds a layer of peace of mind. Similar to psychedelic plant medicines, the correct dosage of ketamine infusion can heighten our serotonin, making us feel happier and loving, as if we’re on MDMA (ecstasy).

Ketamine infusions through an arm vein produce faster antidepressant effects compared to swallowing ketamine pills. It penetrates by repairing the synapses, the part of the brain responsible for information flow. We’re using the anesthesia to flush out toxic info that has accumulated and stuck in our brains for a long time.

Okay, we’re ready to dive into the six-session infusion treatment plan.

Ketamine Infusion Session 1

I feel glued to my chair after a few minutes of ketamine infusion through an IV in my right arm vein.

My eyes get heavier in this small four-corner room with the lights off and curtains closed. The walls have neon-green laser lights, resembling mini stars, flashing slowly. I’m sedated on ketamine, unable to stand, move, or talk. 

The neon-green laser lights on the wall transform into a galaxy. The galaxy is closing in, making me feel close enough to touch the bright stars. My smile widens and freezes.

This new dimension has soothing waves of neon-pink and neon-purple. They fall in front of me like I have a ringside seat to Alaska’s Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). I feel dissociated from the past and future.


I reach another dimension, smirking and feeling jolly. A pink and blue digital circuit board comes in front of me, going down in slow motion, allowing me to view the attractive details of the techy structure.

My heart and stomach expand as inhalations and exhalations flow deeply through my nose. I feel the power within me.


The Deuter (Reiki) playlist that I’m listening to with headphones ignites the psychedelic event and internal healing by putting me in harmony. The astounding imagery and colors that have been unfolding are wonderful.


After the first 40 minutes of the session, I slowly come out of the altered state of mind. I feel disoriented leaving the treatment center. I’m grateful they require every patient to get a ride home from a family member, friend, or an Uber or Lyft driver. Besides, I couldn’t get behind the wheel right now, even if I wanted to drive home.

Ketamine infusion therapy

Ketamine Infusion Session 2

Round two is about to begin with a 20 percent increase in ketamine compared to session one.

As I listen to the Deuter playlist provided by the clinic, I quickly transition into drowsiness and grounded mode. The wall in front of me, covered with neon-green star lights, pivots to a black galaxy with neon-green stars. This floating-in-space sensation feels great.

My smile turns into a loud chuckle even though nothing humorous comes to mind.

I enter the Northern Lights again, as I did during ketamine infusion session one. The light neon-pink and neon-blue color waves drift perfectly from above, generating tranquility in my body.

A green circuit board crosses me slowly and diagonally from left to right. It’s so close to my face that I can touch it.

This new dimension is dark, mainly black and dark gray. The Himalayan rock lamp on the left side of the room shoots a light-orange ray upward through the corner of my left eye. Thoughtless and in a dark space, two gray bars form above my eyes.


My body is pushing down and sinking deeper into this recliner chair, as if I’m entering another domain.

I slowly return to the room, an indicator that the ketamine infusion session is complete, regardless that my body is a little numb from the anesthesia. The relaxation and stillness of this session was stimulating.

Ketamine infusions

Ketamine Infusion Session 3

For today’s session, the doctor increases my ketamine infusion dosage by 15 percent.

Within a few minutes, the straight and wavy light neon-pink, neon-purple, and neon-blue waves flowing on the white wall put me at ease. The realm transitions into dark brown and gray colors, moving from left to right, shifting me to heavier relaxation. I smile and chuckle happily.

The dimension darkens to pitch black. I’m isolated with nothing in mind, trying not to fear the unknown. I reiterate “inhale” and “exhale,” sparking a meditative state.

Now I’m floating and flying sideways like I’m on a spaceship in this unknown dimension.

The floating stops. Two light-orange beams, symbolizing the letter I, buzz closely to my pupils. The word “compassion” crosses my mind, followed by “We’re all sensitive people; we were all once innocent kids.”

An intense cooling sensation passes through my body, energizing my soul to have more empathy toward people. My eyes feel watery as the violin and flute blend harmoniously with the Deuter song. I want to laugh, but I can’t because my drowsiness is at the motionless level.

The artificial tree a short distance away from me elevates a few feet off the floor, little by little, and causes my eyes to widen.

I return to reality: the four-cornered patient room. 

IV ketamine

Ketamine Infusion Session 4

I lay back in the recliner chair, facing the ceiling, rather than sitting upright as I did in ketamine sessions one through three.

The Deuter music gets me lost and prevents thoughts from sprouting.

The lethargy from the infusion/anesthesia pushes me to a matrix-like dimension, with bright white and gray pebbles attached to a green mirror, moving gently.

My eyes close, sinking further into a dark galaxy full of neon-green stars that enlarge after every blink of an eye. A large black eye with no eyelashes, the size of a clock, appears in the galaxy and looks straight at me.

The galaxy stars and jumbo eyeball evaporate, forming black-and-white bubbles that appear as a distorted yin-yang sign.

I enter a new realm containing a huge white cell in a smoke-colored background. I’m inside the oily cell, moving slowly in water with other bubbly organisms.


Is this me when I first formed inside my mother’s womb?

Cool air flows through my veins while shadows vibrate in black, white, and gray. The vibrating shadows move in a circular and lazy motion.........

Ketemine infusion for depression

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