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Psychedelic Therapy 3

Mimosa Hostilis (DMT) medicine

[Mimosa Hostilis] The Sacred Tepezcohuite Tree of Life Ritual

October 2023



Ayahuasca (DMT) Smoke 1

Ayahuasca (DMT) Smoke 2

Ayahuasca (DMT) Smoke 3

Ayahuasca (DMT) Smoke 4

Ayahuasca (DMT) Smoke 5

Temazcal (Sweat Lodge)

Rapé Medicine


Final Thoughts

Mimosa Hostilis DMT plant


My first reactions to Tepezcohuite DMT were: what the heck is it, and what does DMT stand for? 


The scientific name Tepezcohuite is Mimosa Hostilis, a plant medicine known to Mexico’s ancient Mayan civilization as Mexican ayahuasca. It’s different from the Peruvian ayahuasca brew offered nowadays in ayahuasca retreats. Another way of putting it is that Mimosa Hostilis (DMT) is the old-school (smokable and lighter) version of ayahuasca, and ayahuasca (DMT) is the modern-day (drinkable and stronger) version. The plant medicine also holds Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), an organic compound found in the medicine that provides hallucinogenic effects when consumed.

Today, we’ll participate in a Tepezcohuite ceremony in the jungle of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Okay, let’s put on the ceremony glasses!

Ayahuasca (DMT) Smoke 1

The first two pipe hits of Mimosa Hostilis, lit up by Sadie and enhanced by the three magic mushroom chocolates in my system, have me seated and feeling anchored to the jungle ground. I’m in beat with Sadie’s singing and maraca shaking.

I recognize what Sadie is chanting in Spanish. It’s “The Earth is Our Mother,” a song I remember singing during a library assembly on a rainy day in third grade. I envision Ms. O, a spiritual-looking elementary school teacher, hitting a large spiritual conga drum with both hands.

“Heyana, hoyana, heyan-yan; heyana, hoyana, heyan-yan,” I sing in English, feeling like a kid, and Sadie says the chorus in Spanish.

Mimosa Hostilis DMT

Ayahuasca (DMT) Smoke 2

As I lay on the ground looking above me, huge tree branches covered with leaves hover like a canopy. To the top right of my view is a small circular opening with a full moon in the center.

I raise my right arm with my hand open, directing it to the moon. A bright white border forms around the bottom half of the full moon. It shoots a light white laser beam at me as if I’m on center stage.

The white moon laser beam disappears, and my attention shifts to the jungle’s massive tree branches covering the sky like a roof over my head. The leaves become dark gray and purple geometrics, similar to the three-dimensional (3D) round voxel boxes in Minecraft computer games.

I lay down with my back against the jungle ground. One large tree branch, full of leaves, is aligned above my body, roughly eight feet away. On the front edge of the tree branch, a triangular box appears as a dark green geometric leaf face. The eyes and nose are thick blue, with horizontal border lines.

I feel the branch-shaped body with a triangular geometric leaf face, inhaling and exhaling cool air. My eyes widen as it slowly moves downward toward me. Surrounding the one large tree branch with a triangle face above me are bulky tree branches and leaves. They transform into dark gray and purple round geometric voxel boxes.

Mimosa DMT

Ayahuasca (DMT) Smoke 3

After smoking another round of Tepezcohuite, the small firepit looks more colorful. Light green circular rubies form an arch shield above the fire, while the bottom of the orange flames on the wooden logs has a bright blue border.

Sadie takes a break from singing and talks about the roots of Mexico’s Tepezcohuite ceremony. His face disappears for a moment. Sadie’s husky body frame shrinks a little and slowly fades as he elaborates. His all-white shaman healer outfit turns into a lighter shade of white, making him look like a spiritual ghost.

I’m curiously noticing and feeling the breathing tree branches throughout the jungle. I stop and stare directly above me.

“I’m sorry to everyone I ever hurt; please forgive me,” I say quietly, shedding a few tears.

Tepezcohuite DMT

Ayahuasca (DMT) Smoke 4

I sit with my legs crossed, looking at the dusty jungle ground. Sadie sings and shakes his small maraca after smoking ayahuasca.

My right hand holds my left elbow, and my left hand holds my right elbow. The dark hair on my forearms becomes sand-colored. The forearm hair is gradually disappearing.

My forearm hair is completely gone. I still have my right hand holding my left elbow and my left hand holding my right elbow. Thin lines of dust streams release from the flesh of my right and left forearms, moving steadily horizontally.  

The flow of dust streams makes my forearms’ flesh skinnier. It’s a glimpse of what will happen when I’m dead and before I turn into a skeleton. Witnessing this is intriguing, not terrifying.........

DMT plant

Get the full Mimosa Hostilis (DMT) psychedelic experience by clicking the Book image below!

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