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Psychedelic Therapy 5

Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) medicine

[Psilocybin] The Rhythmic Magic Mushrooms Heroic Dose Encounter

January 2024



All Set

Sinking In

Lift Off


Dark Side of the Moon

Metaphysical Dimension

Coming Down


Final Thoughts

Psilocybin therapy


We first dabbled with magic mushrooms during a jungle retreat in Mexico, but did we have a full-blown psilocybin experience?

Shortly after my first magic mushrooms ceremony, the retreat facilitator and healer said I ate four grams of psilocybin. 

After doing some digging online regarding psychedelic therapy with psilocybin, eating about seven or 10 grams of magic mushrooms in one sitting (known as a heroic dose) has a higher probability of giving us a transcendent psychedelic event.

Since I ingested four grams of magic mushrooms in Mexico, I feel obligated and confident to do a heroic dose as a solo ceremony at home, in the privacy of my own space. Plus, from a journalistic perspective of writing magic mushrooms, documenting at least one firsthand heroic dose encounter is worth it for us.

With that said, let’s put on the magic mushrooms goggles and undergo a heroic dose ceremony, solo style.

All Set

I’m alone in my bedroom on a Friday night with the blinds shut and lights off. The only lighting in my room is from a round green candle with three wicks lit. The Dragon’s Blood incense sticks are releasing smoke. A small Tibetan Ohm bowl carrying ten grams of magic mushrooms is on the floor on top of the green and red Mexican serape blanket.

I sit on the blanket and eat the magic mushrooms. Other than being soft, rubbery, and flavorless, the medicine is edible. I don't feel nauseous after eating ten grams of magic mushrooms, and they don't have a funky aftertaste or smell bad. 

The large Mexican serape blanket, placed on the floor while I play my black steel HAPI drum instrument, has me in a pleasant mood and ready for the next phase.

Psilocybin therapy

Sinking In

The yawing begins, the first sign that my digestive tract is absorbing the magic mushrooms. I start freestyling with my HAPI drum, hitting the flat metal keys with two wooden mallets. The melodies from the drum are fun and spontaneous and distract me from what’s about to unfold psychedelically.  

My eyes open wide as my heart rate and body temperature rise, causing me to sweat a little on this cold night. The hit of drowsiness prompts me to stop playing the HAPI drum.

The thick green and red stripes on the Mexican serape blanket gently move side to side in a slow-wave motion. The two thickest red and green stripes change to pitch black. The nine flat metal keys on the HAPI drum increase about an inch in length while mini green, shiny pebbles float a foot above the instrument.

The small squares with white outlines on my plaid blue pajama pants brighten up and glow in white.

My room fades to dark and blurry black imagery while I breathe somewhat overwhelmingly. I lay down on the Mexican serape blanket and close my eyes. I float inside a dark and noiseless dimension. A blurry oval shape appears with swirling rainbow colors.

I open my eyes and sit up on the floor. I put on my headphones and listen to Santana’s legendary “Jingo” song from his first album, released in 1969.

The Latin/African tribal beats provoke me to slither on the floor like a snake. I go to my bed and roll around slowly while the drum beats enter my soul.

I return to the floor in a seated position. Raising my hands above my face, I see they are a pitch-black shadow. The magnitude of the “Jingo” song propels my hands and arms to move upward, forward, downward, and side to side. I’m hypnotized, performing gestures and movements with my arms and hands like I’m communicating with higher planes of existence. Something is about to unfold.

Magic mushrooms therapy

Lift Off

The best part of “Jingo” is approaching. I can feel my soul ready to be lifted off. “Jingo” hits minute 2:40, the climax of the track. I enter a rainbow-colored geometric spiral tunnel. The colorful flashing twirls are incredible. . I smile joyfully during the finish of Carlos Santana’s guitar solo while watching the geometric spiral tunnel.

After “Jingo,” my Spotify playlist goes to “Behind the Sun,” a 1987 song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I instantly get up from the floor and do something I haven’t done in about 20 years: dance like nobody is watching.

My shoulders and upper body move smoothly while I move in circular motions on the Mexican serape blanket. At the song's peak, when the singer says, "An island flying through the sky," I tilt my head and raise my arms to the ceiling. I feel euphoric and on top of the world while dancing to the uplifting song.

“Behind the Sun” finishes, and the playlist shuffles back to Santana, but the “Jingo Live” version in Mexico City.I stand about two feet away from my clothing dresser, facing my green three-flame candle and three lit incense sticks.

My head strongly moves from side to side. I clench my fists. The bottom of my right clenched fist strikes the top of my left clenched fist repeatedly as if I’m hitting tribal drums during the “Jingo Live” song. The green three-flame candle shoots thin, flame-colored laser beams at my forehead.

The “Jingo Live” song ends. It’s time for a bathroom break. As I urinate, my color vision changes to three shades of yellow. The bathroom objects have a darker or lighter shade of yellow. I finish peeing, and my color vision returns to normal.

I look in the mirror; a bright green border with rubies surrounds my entire head and body. The green is shining radiantly.

I return to my room, walking a little wobbly, and turn on the light. On the wall, two feet above the couch, is a painting from the early ’90s. A large duck is flying in the center above a lake. The light blue sky changes every second between lighter and darker shades. It’s as if the painting is on a Microsoft PowerPoint template, testing which of the six Blue Accent 5 themes is the best one to illustrate the sky.

While the sky quickly changes to different light blue color themes, from light to dark every second, the wings of the flying duck flap up and down fast. The flapping continues while the sky's flickering light blue color themes stop on a light shade of blue.

I put on my headphones and return to listening to music. “Baby I’m a Star” from Prince’s Purple Rain album is playing.


I fist pump to the pinnacle of the song: “YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!” he screams passionately.


I jam to the track, feeling unstoppable.

As I pivot to “My Feeling” by Junior Jack, a house/rave track from 1999, I zero in on the vintage-style album cover. It’s a little boy wearing pajamas and standing outside, holding the hand of a woman who appears to be his mother. Then the lyrics and chorus hit my heart: “When I think about you, my feelings can’t explain; why after all this time, my feelings can’t explain?”

I’m teary-eyed from the picture combined with lyrics that repeat themselves eight times throughout the six-minute song.

Mushroom trip


I take a break from listening to epic music tracks from great musicians, including Santana, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and Prince, just to name a few.

It’s completely silent in my room. I chuckle and giggle for no apparent reason. I stop for a few seconds before it restarts.

Now I’m straight-up laughing. The laughter gets louder. The magic mushrooms are giving me laughing gas. I can’t control my laughter. It gets noisier as I fall to an all-fours position on the floor with the top of my forehead on the floor. I’m not watching, listening, or thinking about anything, either. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much and so hysterically...............

Magic mushrooms experience

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